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I installed Oracle JDeveloper 11g ( I also installed IBM Websphere without any profile as suggested in the documentation. Next I wanted to install Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g. But during installation, I was asked Application Server Location for which I gave

C:\Program Files\IBM\SDP\runtimes\base_v7

When I click next, I am getting this error

INST-07004: Application Server Location location contains one or more invalid characters. The directory name may only contain alphanumeric, underscore(_), hyphen(-), or dot(.) characters, and it must begin with an alphanumeric charater. Provide a different directory name.

Server location is proper and link specified satisfies condition. I dont understand why I am getting that error. If it is because of : in the location, how else do I specify the path ? Any solution to this ?

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Provide a path which does not contain spaces

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The issue was that I was using WAS Test Environment. After I tried with standalone WAS, it succeeded but I am not able to configure after install. The changes are not being saved to WAS.

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