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I have a class called imageResizing. It has a member, MAX_WIDTH_ORIGINAL_IMG which is defined as 650:


and a function called setMaxSizeOriginalImg, and the only thing it does is alert the member MAX_WIDTH_ORIGINAL_IMG:


I call the function on load as follows:


And the alert box says undefined.

However, when I change the alert to alert(imageResizing.MAX_WIDTH_ORIGINAL_IMG);, the alert box shows 650.

Here is the whole code of my HTML page:

        if (typeof(addEventSimple)=='undefined') {
                                addEventSimple = function(obj,evt,fn) {
                                    if (obj.addEventListener)
                                    else if (obj.attachEvent)

         var imageResizing={





I would like to understand what the difference is between using this and the actual classname, when the function is in the class itself

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If you call then this is foo.

You are passing the value of This is somewhat akin to:

baz =;

So when it gets called, it is a bit like baz().

Pass a new function instead:

addEventSimple(window,'load',function () { imageResizing.setMaxSizeOriginalImg() });
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