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Currently I am developing a webapplicaiton which will be hosted on shared server with mssql as backend db. In general the application will be accessed through browser and client os will be win7. I am at initial phase of the developemtn. Now my client says that he will also access the webapplication from a tablet pc. So do I need to consider something especially from GUI point of view for tablet pc.

I will be thankful to all of you for your feedback and suggestions

Thanks and regads

Trimantra software solution.


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2 Answers

2 major things to consider:

  • Smaller screen size
  • Lack of the ability to hover
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If the web app targets both PC users and tablets you should consider using CSS3 media queries to serve different css files based on the browser resolution. LessFramework can help a lot with this.

I saw a nice but brief intro to media queries here

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