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according to this article http://electricbeach.org/?p=653 and many others it's trivial to make a layout path.

Well I've downloaded phone 7 developer kit but when I try to convert a shape (es. circle) to layout path is impossible because command is not active. Also pathlistbox don't exist in my blend version... you know why?

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You can only use the PathListBox in Silverlight 4 onwards, which is available on the Mango build of Windows Phone 7. You will need to download and install the Developer Tools for Windows Phone Mango.

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thanks :), my version is 4.0.20901.1, is the same rason why I have only 2 shape(circle and square) and no all others shape that I always see during mix10 and mix11? –  LXG May 31 '11 at 14:33

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