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I am aiming to build an Image Viewer for the display of a range of images. They are currently i TIFF format but can convert to any other format.

I have looked a several different ASP.NET controls and solutions but cost is a consideration. I dont expect to pay nothing, but I dont have a budget approaching $10000 which seems to be the cost of some commercial controls.

I have seen several sites which are using the Flash Player to accomplish more or less exactly what I need. Can anyone point me to any resources or best approach and best pleace to start with this.

I need to have some controls built in to the viewer, eg. Fit to Width, fit to height, Rotate etc. and a faciility to show thumbnails.

Thanks in advance


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(Not sure if this is appropriate (I Don't want to advertise for them but.. ) i have had good experience working with Daeja Viewer (daeja.com) for one product we were developing. Though it's in Java, it can be well integrated with asp.net as such. –  Subhash Dike May 31 '11 at 10:16
Thanks Subhash - I have looked at the Daeja Viewer but the Java element was going against it. My initial observation was there seemed to be a lack of image quality as well. –  RogerDodge Jun 1 '11 at 15:57

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