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I am given a method in a class like this..

public int foo(String a,String b){}

Now I want to apply a pointcut at this point and using around advice I want to alter the second argument.

public aspect Aspect {  
      int around(String s): call(int foo(Object,String)) && args(i) {
      int i = proceed(i.concat("hello"));
      return i;

But I am not able to do so..Its giving me the error that Aspect has not been applied. adviceDidnotMatch..

Any help please..I am stuck..:-/ Thanks in advance..

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what exactly are you doing and what do you want to happen? I kinda dont understand the question – DaMainBoss May 31 '11 at 7:27
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Your proceed() and around() don't match.
proceed() should be called with both arguments.

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