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I have an activity which has two inputs : one for city and the other for location. I am storing the city and location information in sqlite table whenever the user request a search operation.

Now, i want whenever the user inputs the city(which is a autosuggest), the autosuggest options in location should automatically update. The input widget for location and city are both AutoCompleteTextView.

How can this be done?

Rgds, Sapan

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you just need to provide a CursorAdapter to the AutoCompleteTextView, e.g. a SimpleCursorAdapter (though the SimpleCursorAdapter was buggy when i tried it).

Cursor cursor = getCityCursor();
int ids = int[]{};

SimpleCursorAdapter cursorAdapter = new SimpleCursorAdapter(this, 
  R.layout.list_item, cursor, new String[]{DB.COL_CITIES});

AutoCompleteTextView actvCities = (AutoCompleteTextView)findViewById(;

the getCityCursor(); method should provide a cursor obtained by a SQLiteDatabase.query().

update: the "buggy" SimpleCursorAdapter i mentioned earlier isn't. just provide a CursorToStringConverter. dan breslau wrote a pretty nice article about AutoCompleteTextView and the SimpleCursorAdapter here.

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