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Is it possible to add a link that bookmarks to the home screen?

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There's not a programmatic way to do this, however there are scripts which draw a user's attention to the fact that they can do it manually.

Add to Home Screen is one such option.

Mobile Bookmark Bubble is another.

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Use this script: http://cubiq.org/add-to-home-screen

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Funny answers above. Chris asked if this can be done programatically from the web app. E.g. I put a big button saying "Add to home-screen" on my webpage, access it from Safari, click the big button, done.

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A smart solution is posted by 'deceze" here: stackoverflow.com/questions/1141979/…, in a comment. –  Tudorizer Mar 11 '10 at 17:29

how about reading the choices when pressing + key? it asks u if u want to add to home. hope this answers ur query.

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I'm sure what John ment was if it's possible to put the link on the webpage so that the user doesn't need to press the plus key.

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Unless I misunderstand the question the answer is: press plus key in Safari, then "Add to Home Screen".

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