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I've got the following Spring service:

public class Worker {

    private MyExecutorService executor;

    private IRun run;

    private Integer startingPoint;

    // Remainder omitted


Now I want to load the startingPoint through a .properties file.

Is it possible to wire a Spring service through annotations and an xml context at the same time?

Maybe something like this:

<bean id="worker" class="Worker">
    <property name="startingPoint">

startingPoint is wired through the xml context file, everything else gets auto-wired.

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Just on a side note, it is possible to write a property through an annotation, you can do this with the @Value annotation. – Phill Sacre May 31 '11 at 7:52

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Yes! This is most definitely possible, and it's a good way to go if you can't get around using a little bit of XML. Just leave all your annotated fields unspecified, and they'll get injected auto-magically.

Though just to be clear, I believe that you'll have to provide a setter for your Integer field. Spring doesn't want to reach in directly and set fields via the XML descriptor.

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