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I have an object whose class has a getter method , and this getter method returns a Date value. I want to show this value in a Label in the format DD/MM/YYYY.

How to achieve that with LWUIT ?

Thank you very much indeed

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You can use this code to convert date to string format and pass the this string value to label.

   public static String dateToString (long date)
             Calendar c = Calendar.getInstance();
             c.setTime(new Date(date));
             int y = c.get(Calendar.YEAR);
             int m = c.get(Calendar.MONTH) + 1;
             int d = c.get(Calendar.DATE);
             String t = (d<10? "0": "")+d+"/"+(m<10? "0": "")+m+"/"+(y<10? "0": "")+y;
             return t;
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To thank you here is a code of mine which formats a number :

public static String formatNombre(int trivialNombre, String separateur)
        String pNombre, sNombreLeads, sNombre, argNombre, resultat;
        int leadingBits;
        int nbBit;

        pNombre = String.valueOf(trivialNombre);

        if (pNombre.length() > 3)
            leadingBits = (pNombre.length())%3;

            if (leadingBits != 0)
                sNombreLeads = pNombre.substring(0, leadingBits).concat(separateur);
                sNombreLeads = "";

            nbBit = 0;
            sNombre = "";
            argNombre = pNombre.substring(leadingBits);
            for (int i=0;i<argNombre.length();i++)
                sNombre = sNombre.concat(String.valueOf(argNombre.charAt(i)));
                if (nbBit%3 == 0)
                    sNombre = sNombre.concat(separateur);
            sNombre = sNombre.substring(0, sNombre.length() - 1);
            resultat = sNombreLeads.concat(sNombre);
            return resultat;
            return pNombre;
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