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I have a

Vector<Class> v = new Vector<Class>();

How would I create an object out of i-element of the vector?

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Do you mean?

Class clazz = vector.get(i);
Object object = clazz.newInstance();

BTW: I wouldn't use Vector unless you have to as it is a legacy class replaced by List in Java 1.2 (1998)

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You could use newInstance:


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If you do not have a default constructor you can use:

Object o = vector.get(i).getConstructor(parameterClazzes).newInstance(parameters);


Object o = vector.get(i).newInstance();

which takes the default constructor and creates your object


public static void main(String args[]) throws Exception {

    Integer i = Integer.class.getConstructor(Integer.TYPE).newInstance(17);

    String s = String.class.getConstructor(String.class).newInstance("Hello");
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