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I want to delete gridview rows using javascript . I import excel data to gridview not into sql database , and I want to delete gridview rows one by one but when I using gridview1.databind() after delete , all of my data cleaned .

how can I delete my gridview rows via client side code ? I use a function but it's not working ..

or I want to insert gridview data into sql database . how can do this into foreach loop ? is there any way to insert specific row and cell in foreach ?

This is my Codes :

protected void btnInsertIntoDatabase_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
        string Name = string.Empty;
        string CarType = string.Empty;
        string TechnicalNo = string.Empty;
        string ProductionDate = string.Empty;
        string EngaineType = string.Empty;
        string NoInStock = string.Empty;
        string NoForCar = string.Empty;
        string Price = string.Empty;
        string Image = string.Empty;
        string Desc = string.Empty;
        string PartType = string.Empty;
        string Level = string.Empty;
        string Unit = string.Empty;
        string Ratio = string.Empty;
        string Dirham = string.Empty;
        string ExtraMoney = string.Empty;

        int GVCount = GridView1.Rows.Count;

        foreach (GridViewRow GVRow in GridView1.Rows)
            Name = GVRow.Cells[1].Text;
            CarType = GVRow.Cells[2].Text;
            TechnicalNo = GVRow.Cells[3].Text;
            ProductionDate = GVRow.Cells[4].Text;
            EngaineType = GVRow.Cells[5].Text;
            NoInStock = GVRow.Cells[6].Text;
            NoForCar = GVRow.Cells[7].Text;
            Price = GVRow.Cells[8].Text;
            Image = GVRow.Cells[9].Text;
            Desc = GVRow.Cells[10].Text;
            PartType = GVRow.Cells[11].Text;
            Level = GVRow.Cells[12].Text;
            Unit = GVRow.Cells[13].Text;
            Ratio = GVRow.Cells[14].Text;
            Dirham = GVRow.Cells[15].Text;
            ExtraMoney = GVRow.Cells[16].Text;

        SqlConnection scn = new SqlConnection(clspublic.GetConnectionString());
        SqlCommand scm = new SqlCommand();
        scm.Connection = scn;
        scm.CommandText = @"INSERT INTO tblProduct
                          (fName, fxCarType, fProductionDate, fEngineType, fNoinStock, fNoforCar, fPrice,fRatio,fDirham,fExtraMoney, fImage, fDesc, fxPartType, fxLevel,fUnitType,fTechnicalNo)
               VALUES     (@fName,@fxCarType,@fProductionDate,@fEngineType,@fNoinStock,@fNoforCar,@fPrice,@fRatio,@fDirham,@fExtraMoney,@fImage,@fDesc,@fxPartType,@fxLevel,@fUnitType,@fTechnicalNo)";

        scm.Parameters.AddWithValue("@fName", Name.ToString());
        scm.Parameters.AddWithValue("@fxCarType", CarType.ToString());
        scm.Parameters.AddWithValue("@fTechnicalNo", TechnicalNo.ToString());
        scm.Parameters.AddWithValue("@fProductionDate", ProductionDate.ToString());
        scm.Parameters.AddWithValue("@fEngineType", EngaineType.ToString());
        scm.Parameters.AddWithValue("@fNoinStock", NoInStock.ToString());
        scm.Parameters.AddWithValue("@fNoforCar", NoForCar.ToString());
        scm.Parameters.AddWithValue("@fPrice", Price.ToString());
        scm.Parameters.AddWithValue("@fRatio", Ratio.ToString());
        scm.Parameters.AddWithValue("@fDirham", Dirham.ToString());
        scm.Parameters.AddWithValue("@fExtraMoney", ExtraMoney.ToString());
        scm.Parameters.AddWithValue("@fImage", Image.ToString());
        scm.Parameters.AddWithValue("@fDesc", Desc.ToString());
        scm.Parameters.AddWithValue("@fxPartType", PartType.ToString());
        scm.Parameters.AddWithValue("@fUnitType", Unit.ToString());
        scm.Parameters.AddWithValue("@fxLevel", Level.ToString());

        btnInsertIntoDatabase.Attributes.Add("onclick", "delrow(-1)");

        goto A;

and my java script code :

 <head runat="server">
 <script language="javascript">
    function delrow(rowindex)
        var gridID = document.getElementById("<%= GridView1.ClientID %>");
        return false;
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You cannot simply call a serverside function via clientside-javascript. Therefore you need to postback to the server first. – Tim Schmelter May 31 '11 at 10:46

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