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I have following gems in my Gemfile

gem 'steak'
gem 'capybara', '~>0.4.1'

When I run a test for single file there seems to be no problem however, if I run all the tests at once, I am getting Timeout::Error. Before timing out, the test hangs so I manually clicked a button and the error was Element not found in the cache. Is this some caching problem? I am also getting Selenium::WebDriver::Element#value is deprecated, please use Selenium::WebDriver::Element#attribute('value') warning when I run some of the tests. I hope the question is clear, if anything is required for answering please let me know.

Note: I had set up steak through steak-because-cucumber-is-for-vegerarians

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yeah I found this, seems like selenium does not support firefox 4. I really hope this issue gets solved soon...

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