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I have googled alot and tried lot of solutions but nothing is working for me.For Ex i Have tried below :

public static DateTime ParseDateToSystemFormat(DateTime date)
  IFormatProvider culture = new CultureInfo("en-GB", true);

  DateTime dt = DateTime.ParseExact(date.ToString("dd/MM/yyyy"),
  return Convert.ToDateTime(dt,culture);


If anyone have solved this please let me know.

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Please describe what you want to achieve. As the answers point out, there is no formatting attached to a DateTime object. Your problem must lie elsewhere. –  Daniel Hilgarth May 31 '11 at 9:53
DateTime object doesn't have format. You can print this object in format you want. –  arthur86 May 31 '11 at 9:54
this really would only make sense if this operation would return a string –  L-Three May 31 '11 at 11:56
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The internal representation of a DateTime is always the same. There is no formatting attached to a DateTime object.

If it is only a display problem, then convert the DateTime to a string and display that string. You already know how to do it: Using ToString and specifying the format you want to have.

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Date objects do not have formatting associated to them - you only use formatting for display.

When it is time to display the DateTime object, use either custom or standard format strings to format the display to your liking.

What you are doing here:

DateTime dt = DateTime.ParseExact(date.ToString("dd/MM/yyyy"),

Is rather strange - you are getting a specific string representation of your DateTime - date.ToString("dd/MM/yyyy"), then parsing that string back to a DateTime object. A bit of a long way to say DateTime dt = date;, with clearing out the hours/minutes/seconds data.

If you simply want the date portion of a DateTime, use the Date property. It produces:

A new object with the same date as this instance, and the time value set to 12:00:00 midnight (00:00:00).

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