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<g:each  in="${flist}"> <tr bgcolor="#ffffff">
            <td align="center"><g:link controller="spider" action="ThirdPage" params="${it.get('dt')}">

wher flist is list of maps.now i want to pass dt which is key in map within list to controller action.i tried it with above codes but its not working.what mistake i am doing there.

Thanks in advance, laxmi

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are you sure that flist is of type List<Map>? have you tried to print out the flist params? are you sure that you have closed the each tag?

<g:link controller="spider" action="ThirdPage" params="[paramName: it.get('dt')]">${it.get('dt')}</g:link>

be careful that you pass the link params in the right way.

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Your params should be a map. Looks like you are passing a value in params. you need to send a map in params.

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