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I have a form that I'm looking at, which makes use of stored procedures as data block source. I'm trying to find when/where the block gets populated.

The block as query data source type as Procedure, but the procedure listed as the data source name does nothing - literally nothing. The code in the procedure is


Going through the list of procedures in the package responsible for handling the form, I found a procedure which does populates the data.

Searching for this procedure, I found that this procedure is invoked during ON-SELECT trigger.

So - does ON-SELECT trigger get fired during/after QUERY-PROCEDURE event? If not when does it get fired?

I'm using Oracle Forms10., 32-bit on Windows Vista.

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From the Forms on-line help for ON_SELECT:

Fires when Oracle Forms would normally execute the open cursor, parse, and execute phases of a query, to identify the records in the database that match the current query criteria.

Use an On-Select trigger to open and execute the database cursor. Specifically, use this trigger when you are retrieving data from a non-ORACLE data source. The On-Select trigger can be used in conjunction with the On-Fetch trigger to replace the processing that normally occurs in the EXECUTE_QUERY built-in subprogram.

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Thanks for the pointer towards online help! –  Sathya Jun 4 '11 at 14:59

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