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When using has_secure_password in Rails 3.1, bcrypt randomly generates a salt for each user's password. Based on this response, I understand the salt is stored as part of the password hash. Is there a method or attribute available to access that salt separately, for example to use in writing secure cookies?

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You'll be able to get the salt and checksum if you need it.

gem install bcrypt-ruby
require 'bcrypt'

hash = BCrypt::Password.create 'superpass'
=> "$2a$10$DtjuZD6nJtrBRLEySlSVm.bJyBMhEhVRAeiVk/GjmQdBNf7WhmDWi"
=> "$2a$10$DtjuZD6nJtrBRLEySlSVm."
hash == "starbucks"
=> false
hash == "superpass"
=> true

Your salt and checksum will vary.

More info:

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Thanks! With this in mind, plus a look at the Rails secure_password model, I was able to determine that I needed to write a method for my code (to access the salt neatly, anyway).def salt @salt ||= end is perfect! – joanwolk Jun 2 '11 at 12:56

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