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I intend to record and play video at the same time on my application. I am using BlackBerry JDE 5.0 and the Blackberry 9550 . I initialize two players, one to play media, and another one to record media. I used Manager.createPlayer(rtsp://server ip: port) to play video.

     String myEncoding = "encoding=video/3gpp&width=360&height=480&fps=6&vi​?deo_rate=16000&rate=8000";
        mRecordPlayer ="cap​ture://video?" + myEncoding);
        _recordControl = (RecordControl)mRecordPlayer.getControl("RecordCon​trol");

I have recorded to a file . but the file always is 0 kB. I do not believe this way :createPlayer("capture://video?" + myEncoding) can record video from other player. It just records video from camera.

 Is it possible to achieve the desired functionality with the API's exposed by RIM.

I would really appreciate if anyone could provide some pointer or help to solve the above mentioned problems.

Thanks. .

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