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I'm trying to get the name of a calling module by using inspect. When I return what should be the module string, I get this:

<module 'mymod.wrapper' from '/usr/local/lib/python2

I've looked at the docs and couldn't see anything about what the reason for this may be (I'm tired, so I may have missed it).

Here is the class

import inspect

class Wrapper():

    def getView(self, view, database=False):

        module = self._getDatabase()

    def _getDatabase(self):

        # Get calling module
        frm = inspect.stack()[1]
        modWhole = str(inspect.getmodule(frm[0]))
        modSplit = modWhole.split('.')
        mod = modSplit[0] + '.' + modSplit[1]
        return mod

Also, any advice on how to reconize and prevent this problem in the future is much appreciated. Thanks.

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inspect.getmodule() returns the module object itself, not its name.

Try replacing




Also, bear in mind that inspect.getmodule() can return None.

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You can use the __name__ attribute:

>>> import xml
>>> xml.__name__
>>> m = __import__('xml')
<module 'xml' from '/usr/lib/python2.7/xml/__init__.pyc'>
>>> m.__name__
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