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replace all “foo” between ()


I tried to use regex to replace all foo string between the () which between style=" and "

Here's an example :

blah blah foo blah style="foo text blah (foo and blah foo)"

it should be replaced to be :

blah blah foo blah style="foo text blah (bar and blah bar)"

i tried to use this code but it dont working .

do {
  $code = preg_replace('/(style\=\"[^)]*)left(?=[^()]*\))([^)]*\")/U', '\1tempvalue\3', $code, -1, $count);
} while($count != 0);

then im trying to using foreach to get the results,, then replace it normally using preg_replace .

i wish to find the answer :) ,, thank you.

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not a Good practice ;btw do u need thid : –  diEcho May 31 '11 at 12:33
Use preg_replace_callback to find the style=".*?" and then a second regex to adapt the search text in parenthesis. –  mario May 31 '11 at 12:46
Oh, looks like you got that recommendation before: –  mario May 31 '11 at 12:58

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Works on your string, might need modifying a bit to work in all circumstances...

echo preg_replace_callback('/style="(.*)(\(.+\))"/',create_function(
    'return "style=\"" . $matches[1] . preg_replace("/foo/","bar",$matches[2]) . "\"";'
),'blah blah foo blah style="foo text blah (foo and blah foo)"');
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it working :),, thank you –  Programmer4me May 31 '11 at 19:06

A working regex is:


But since you will have more than one matches (0 for the whole, 1 for the values in parenthesis), you will have to use preg_replace_callback

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Use the following regex:



  • style=" matches the same thing
  • .*? match any character but not in a greedy way, just as minimum as possible
  • \( matches (
  • (.*?) match any character between the style and parentheses, meaning this is the information you should replace
  • \)" matches )"

You can use THIS tool to build regex strings. It's really helpful, it has some examples and it will tell you what part matches which string.

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This is probably a good use of PREG_REPLACE_EVAL (e modifier):

$str = 'blah blah foo blah style="foo text blah (foo and fooblah foo)" foo';
echo preg_replace('~(style="[^(]*)(\([^)]*\))~ie', "str_replace('\\\\\', '', '$1') . preg_replace('#\bfoo\b#i', 'bar', '$2')", $str) ."\n";


blah blah foo blah style="foo text blah (bar and fooblah bar)" foo
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