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I'm learning about Asterisk::AMI module in perl to connect to asterisk. While running the following program I can't connect to asterisk. can anyone give me solution to solve this issue?.

use Asterisk::AMI;
my $astman = Asterisk::AMI->new(PeerAddr        =>      '', #Remote host address
                                PeerPort        =>      '5038',      #Remote host port
                                                                     #AMI is available on TCP port 5038 if you enable it in manager.conf. 
                                Username        =>      'admin',     #Username to access the AMI

                                Secret          =>      'supersecret' #Secret used to connect to AMI

die "Unable to connect to asterisk" unless ($astman);

my $action = $astman->({ Action => 'Command',
                         Command => 'sip show peers'

print $action;

Thanks in advance.

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Your script should show errors/warnings if you include:

use warnings;

at the start of your script.

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I've been passing through the same problem Then I discovered that I had to configure the user in /etc/asterisk/manager.conf file

Just like this example http://www.voip-info.org/wiki/view/Asterisk+config+manager.conf

you will get success;

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You are missing comman here:
'$action = $astman->({...'
it should be
'$action = $astman->send_action({...'

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