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I have an image in a UIViewController which can be zoomed in and out. What I want is to include some areas of the image where the user can tap and more information shows up on that screen.

I was wondering how I should approach this?

Note, the image must be able to zoom in and out; and the areas where they touch would increase/decrease according to the image zoom. (If that is possible).

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use UIPinchGesture Recognizer and UITabGesture Recognizer

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And how would I have it so that information (more images) show up when an area gets tapped? –  jylee May 31 '11 at 14:00

You can use a UIScrollView for this. If you want certain areas to have info overlays like the map, you can store a list of "hot spots" and test touch events against the list and see if that area has been tapped.

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