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for some reason, the value mod i am creating is becoming 0 in keygen despite being correct when it is made and after keygen is run. i dont get why. can anyone tell me?

class RC5{
        uint64_t w, r, b;
        uint128_t mod;
        std::string mode;
        std::vector <uint64_t> S;

        RC5(std::string KEY, std::string MODE, uint64_t W = 32, uint64_t R = 12, uint64_t B = 16){
            uint128_t mod = 1;
            mod <<= W;
            mode = MODE;
            w = W;
            r = R;
            b = B;
            std::cout << mod << std::endl;         // 1 << 32
            std::cout << mod << std::endl;         // 1 << 32 

        void keygen(std::string key){
            std::cout << mod << std::endl;         // 0
            // lots of commented out stuff

i am sure that uint128_t is written correctly, so this doesnt seem to make sense. if necessary, uint128_t can be found here.

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erm, because in the ctor you are modifying a local variable called mod which shadows your class member.

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why am i so blind???? –  calccrypto May 31 '11 at 13:53
@calccrypto, don't beat yourself up about it. we've all done this at some point or other.. ;) –  Nim May 31 '11 at 13:55
@calccrypto, on a side note, if you had a naming convention which you stuck to then it may make problems like this easy to spot. Some people often add a _ on either side of the class member, so that when you look at the code you know whether it's a local variable or member. –  Nim May 31 '11 at 14:15

This part of RC5

uint128_t mod = 1;
mod <<= W; 

creates a new local variable mod that hides the class member. In keygen you use the other mod.

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