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How to get rows from one file, that contains in another file

Example, i have

// first
// second

This files are big, first file contain ~ 500 000 records, and second ~ 20-15 millions

I need to get this result

// attention there is no "p1" or "p2" for example
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This looks like it wants the join command, possibly with sorting. But with millions of records, it's time to think seriously about a real DBMS.

join -t\; -o 0,2.2,2.3 <(sort -t\; -k 1,1 first) <(sort -t\; -k 1,1 second)

(This requires bash or zsh for the <(command) syntax; portably, you would need to sort into temporary files or keep the input files sorted.)

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grep -f:

-f FILE, --file=FILE
          Obtain patterns  from  FILE,  one  per  line.   The  empty  file
          contains  zero  patterns, and therefore matches nothing.  (-f is
          specified by POSIX.)

cut -d\; -f1-3:

-d, --delimiter=DELIM
          use DELIM instead of TAB for field delimiter

-f, --fields=LIST
          select only these fields;  also print any line that contains  no
          delimiter character, unless the -s option is specified

Putting it together: grep -f pattern_file data_file | cut -d\; -f1-3 .

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That won't satisfy the // attention there is no "p1" or "p2" for example. –  geekosaur May 31 '11 at 14:07
Thanks, @geekosaur. –  Robᵩ May 31 '11 at 14:14
grep -f not works, for me it return only the last matched string –  azat May 31 '11 at 18:35

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