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I have a 'click' event associated with 6 image buttons. It is currently possible to click the other 5 when 1 is clicked. Is it possible to remove the click events on the other 5 temporarily? I have an animation that occurs on each, but if the user clicks multiple while the animation is running, it causes the animation to not function properly.

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Rather than unbind the handlers and rebind them when the animation is done, why not just save the running state, and in your click callback check for it. Then when the animation is complete reset the state.

var running = false;

$('.button').click(function() {
    if(running) {
    running = true;


    $(this).animate(..., function() {
        running = false;

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Great. I had thought of that, but I didn't know the exact implementation. Works awesome. Thanks for the quick response. – TexasT May 31 '11 at 14:36
Just for anyone else, the implementation goes as follows:$("ul.accordion li:first").animate( {width: "0px"}, {queue:false, duration:1000, complete: function() { closeAnimationIsRunning = false; }, step: function() { } } ); – TexasT May 31 '11 at 14:37

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