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I'm comming from php where $_GET [ 'filter' ] on a url such as example.com/?filter[0][field]=username&filter[0][data][type]=string&filter[0][data][value]=someusername will return an array which can be parsed as:

foreach ( $_GET [ 'filter' ] as $k => $field ) {
    $fieldName = $field [$k] [ 'data' ] [ 'field' ];
    $fieldType = $field [$k] [ 'data' ] [ 'type' ];
    $fieldValue = $field [$k] [ 'data' ] [ 'value' ];
    //        do something with the values

Question is....how do I parse them in python in such way?

I cannot access request.args.get( 'filter', None ) but I have results on request.args.get( 'filter[0][field]', None )

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depends entirely on which of the million frameworks you use –  Jochen Ritzel May 31 '11 at 14:21
if you're using django, please specify in your question –  AJ. May 31 '11 at 14:26

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In case you are using the publisher of apache mod python you can specify the arguments in your index function. Let's assume you call


Then your script.py should look something like

def index (req, name = None, age = None):
    return "Hello %s, you are %s years old." % (name, age)

Same thing for both GET and POST.

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