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about 6 months ago I got into coding, and I've always wanted to start my own game just for fun on the side.

I have wampserver on my computer, and was wondering if that server could publicly host things on the internet?

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You need to:

  • Make sure your server is available on the internet. If you have a router or firewall you may need to open it up.
  • If you want to have a domain name you need to register that.
  • If your ISP can give you a static IP address then ask for that.
  • Whether you have a static IP or a dynamic one then you can use a service such as DynDNS to link the domain name to the IP address.
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Yes, you can use your WAMPserver to allow people to publicly access your site.

From some quick googling, I didn't find any instructions, just that it was possible.

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Thank you very much -- I'd vote you up but I don't have enough reputation. However, instructions would be wonderful, or at least a link to instructions! –  Sterling Archer May 31 '11 at 17:48

I just put a wamp server up on a box in my house just for funsies. Here is a wampserver forum post with links to the info you seek.
Here is the basic rundown though:
Open up your router to port 80 and forward it to the box you are serving on.
Get setup on a DNS server, I used freedns.afraid.org.
In wamp you are gonna set apache to use virtual hosts (this is in the link).
After that you should be cool.

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