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Does anyone have any positive/negative feedback on a .NET SDK for document scanning. Not sure where to start when comparing, and would love a human opinion! TIA!

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I assume you want to scan a document and then do OCR on it? If you consider commercial products, there are several options: Dynamsoft Dynamic .NET TWAIN and its OCR add-on, Leadtools Document Imaging and OCR module, Atalasoft DotImage and its OCR add-on. – flysakura Jun 13 '12 at 2:19

Basically, there are a number of options out there depending on how you want to implement them. Tessnet2 is a good option:

As is MODI (Microsoft Office Document Imaging library) if you have Microsoft Office already:

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There are many OCR engines available: List of most popular engines. It completely depends on your task. For our task we got poor results with Tesseract and good results with CrystalOCR. I think the best OCR is ABBYY, though their license policy was not acceptable for us.

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