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I have the following piece of JS code within a function that responds to the user pressing enter (not displayed). The part of the code I am concerned with is shown:

            if(value['city']== user_input) {

I have the following hash:

cityhash =  [{"address":"07288 Albertha Station","city":"Littelside","state":"Missouri"},{"address":"0615 Mervin Rapid","city":"Tessmouth","state":"South Carolina"},{"address":"779 Elody Lock","city":"Littelside","state":"New Mexico"}]

As you can see, the city of Littelside appears twice in the hash. My problem is the above $.each function, only displays 1 of the 2 Littlesides. I would like to show all matches in the hash, not just 1 match.

How can I correct my code to return all matching cities rather than just showing one city?

Thank you in advance

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You need to get rid of the empty() calls. You are clearing out #city/#state on each match.


Also, you probably want to append the state name and not the city name to the #state element

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Still, if you want to empty the two elements, do it before the $.each. – aorcsik May 31 '11 at 16:05

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