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Firefox version : 4.0.1

I have a commandset which fires when something is selected.

The commandset is working fine. If I put a simple window.alert('test'); it does fire. However when I try to call another command using goUpdateCommand, it does not call it.

The code in the browserOverlay.xul is as below :

<command id="cmd_testselect" oncommand="window.alert('command fired');"/>

<commandset commandupdater="true"

Note : I have added the globalOverlay.js as below :
<script type="application/x-javascript" src="chrome://global/content/globalOverlay.js"/>

Any ideas what I might be doing wrong ?

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Nevermind. Looked at the code for goUpdateCommand. It just sets the attribute 'disable' and doesn't call the underlying command. –  PlanetUnknown May 31 '11 at 16:41

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I think you actually meant to call goDoCommand() and not goUpdateCommand().

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