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I have a local development box that I code on before I transfer my programs to a test server. It's a basic xampp set up. However, this limits my ability to test on the local box when I have to send mail in my program. Is there a way to mock this? I don't have any desire to set up a mail server on my local machine. Most questions on this subject on stack deal with setting up a mail server. That's why I'm asking this particular question.

As always, Thank you for your help and advice.

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I tend to just use GMAIL via SMTP (easy enough to setup a free test GMAIL account). ProjectPier has a tutorial on it, just read between the lines and set it up for your needs:

There is also a generic tutorial, which I would prefer to use, here:


The gist, just because you cannot trust external sources to stay alive here is re-write of what they talk about:

First up you will need to edit the php.ini (c:\xampp\php\php.ini). locate the [mail function] and change the following settings:

smtp_port = 465
sendmail_from =
sendmail_path = "\"C:\xampp\sendmail\sendmail.exe\" -t"

Make sure that you put in your proper xampp install path and drive letter. Next we need to edit the sendmail.ini, c:\xampp\sendmail\sendmail.ini add the following, (note you may have to comment out the mercury section):

account GmailTest
tls on
tls_certcheck off
auth on
password gmailpassword
port 465

And finally modify the account default and set it to GmailTest and you should be good to go. Credits for the above goto

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Thank you for this solution. It should work just fine. – k to the z May 31 '11 at 17:22

Is it connected to the internet? If you have access to other mail servers (Gmail, Host Provider Email) you can reroute your email using their settings.

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