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I configured my grails application with an root path like this (in UrlMapping):


in mycontroller.myaction, depending of the role, I redirect to the right action :

def link 
if (SpringSecurityUtils.ifAnyGranted("ROLE_ADMIN") link = g.createLink(action:      "action1", controller:"controller")
else if (SpringSecurityUtils.ifAnyGranted("ROLE_ADMIN") link = g.createLink(action: "action2", controller:"controller") 
else ...ANONYMOUS... {
  link = g.creatLink(action:"public", controller:"mycontroller")
redirect (url:link)

With embedded grails server, it's working fine but with weblogic it redirect on the index.gsp.

Why ?

Do you have an idea ?


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I found the solution here

  • I created a taglib.
  • I rename the mapping on "/" to "/redirect" in UrlMapping
  • I call the taglib in GSP.
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Feel free to accept your own answer. – Merlyn Morgan-Graham Oct 27 '11 at 22:52

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