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I would like to query eXist-DB via XML-RPC from Drupal 7, and display the results through an XSL transformation within Drupal. Querying eXist via XMLRPC and display the results is possible from PHP, so theoretically, it should be possible. But I am not a Drupal developper, and I am wondering if it would be easy do integrate, or if it would need a lot of dev (except the XML-PRC part, I'm also worried about the integration of the result of an XSL transformation into a Drupal theme)

Any advice or feedback welcome! :)

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Why are you want to perform XSL processing in the Drupal, not in the eXist? Maybe to develop an application-related API with eXist is more complicated way, whan using XML-RPC and XSL processing in the Drupal? –  Phillip Kovalev Jun 2 '11 at 9:36
Hi Philip! I want to perform the XSL transformation in Drupal, because this way I could integrate the CMS features of Drupal for the "communication" part of the website with the "XML corpus processing and display" part. –  Hemka Jun 3 '11 at 20:41

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