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I have 2 ListViews and im adding selected items from one to another. First ListView, lets call it availableJobs and the second ListView selectedJobs. Person can select job/jobs from first ListView and move it to the second one. Now what i would like is that the sorting should stay allso same with as it was in the first ListView. In te first availableJobs the jobs are sorted by the Job ID i just want to keep that sorting allso in the selectedJobs TreeView.

For example:

1)I select Job with ID 3 and move it to the selectedJobs TreeView
2)I select Job with ID 1 and move it to the selectedJobs

Now what happens is that the order in the selectedJobs will be:

Job 3
Job 1

What i need is tht when i add Job with ID 1 it would go in from of the Job with ID 3.

I tried to use a custom Comparer:

    public class IntegerComparer : IComparer
        private int _colIndex;
        public IntegerComparer(int colIndex)
            _colIndex = colIndex;
        public int Compare(object x, object y)
            int nx = int.Parse((x as ListViewItem).SubItems[_colIndex].Text);
            int ny = int.Parse((y as ListViewItem).SubItems[_colIndex].Text);
            return nx.CompareTo(ny);

But the problem with that is that it puts Job with id 10, 11 etc before 2, 3 and etc..

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Did you find a solution? – tanascius Sep 7 '12 at 13:02
Perhaps instead of using Add(), get the index of the next higher job in the selected list and do an InserAt() at index - 1. – Michael Itzoe Sep 7 '12 at 13:29
How are you using that comparer? Are there some sorted columns on the listview? – Tobia Zambon Nov 16 '12 at 14:39

You can use the sorting feature of the ListView:

or insetad of adding the job straight from the ListView1 to the ListView2 you could populate a list of LineItem(or a tailored object) ordered by Id and you could use that list as DataSource for the ListView2

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You can use the custom sorting.To do this, you must implement IComparer class and set ListViewItemSorter property. Following link has a sample implementation:

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