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Does anybody know of a tool where I can inspect the source code of a site in Apple's iOS Simulator? Something like Firebug or the Chrome Developer Tools for this would be great, and I haven't found anything yet.

Thank you very much!

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These answers are all fairly old. If you're using Xcode 4 and Safari 6, you can actually open up a web view in the iPhone Simulator and then switch to Safari. In Safari's Develop menu (you have to enable it in the Preferences), you'll find an "iPad Simulator" menu that allows you to open up the Safari Web Inspector for the pages open in the simulator!

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"then switch to" meaning the Desktop version of Safari. (clarification just in case) This is awesome!! I love Apples developers! –  roberthuttinger Sep 22 '14 at 18:15

You could try the Snoopy Bookmarklet: http://snoopy.allmarkedup.com/

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Try this: http://www.iwebinspector.com/

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