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I am working on a program with a Smarty template, where do the $variables come from as I see no file they are pulling from in the html. Where do I find these variables so I can edit them. Similarly in Drupal, there are different variables available in different TPL files, because I see no includes, where is this information coming from/being pulled from, I know this is a noob question.

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I think you should consult the smarty documentation first, how smarty works is explained very well there. –  GWW May 31 '11 at 17:27

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Smarty variables are set in the business logic via $smarty->assign('firstName', 'Mike');

You can check out the Smarty.class.php source to find out where they are actually stored (they're in a member variable named $tpl_vars).

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The variables are defined in the PHP script files that use the templates. Look for lines like

$smarty->assign( "var_name", $value );
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The variables are set in the PHP files that instantiate the Smarty object. You can find them by searching for the assign() calls. Since Smarty template do not (should not) contain PHP code in them, you won't see include calls.

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