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Is there any difference between these two? Or is just one an abbreviation of the other?

e.preventDefault() and event.preventDefault()
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Well, the only difference is the name of event object that is being passed into your listener. If you declare the listener like this:

a.click(function(e) {

Obviously the name of event variable is "e" and you should call e.preventDefault. In the second case:

a.click(function(event) {

the name of the event object is "event", so you're calling event.preventDefault()

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e is just an abbreviation for event, it depends on how the argument is accepted

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Thats what i thought! Thanks. –  Andy May 31 '11 at 17:30

It's just a matter of variable naming. Some people's convention is naming their event variable e, ev, or event. Whichever best suits you.

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