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In the uncompressed version of jquery 1.6.2 IE8 developer tools is telling me that line 6096 is throwing an error: Object required.

6096 reads: elem = div.childnodes;

It is part of an extend -

    clone: function( elem, dataAndEvents, deepDataAndEvents) { 

I am basically inserting or editing records in a MySQL db and displaying the records in tabular format. Where my script is breaking is where I am trying to display the HTML code - I initially was using $(div).html(code) but then reading a similar problem on here switched to$(div).empty() $(div).append(code) but either way I got the same error. Relevant portion of my code is below.


 //building table body
        tableCode += "<tr row=\"row_" + i + "\">";

        tableCode += "<td class=\"fileTitle tableCell\" key=\"title\" " + backgroundColor + "><p class=\"fileTitleTD\">" + fileLink + "</p><p class=\"fileTitleDesc\">" +  dataObj[thisRowData]['fileDescription'] + "</td>";
        tableCode += "<td class=\"fileType tableCell\" key=\"fileType\" " + backgroundColor + ">" + thisFileImage + "&nbsp;" + dataObj[thisRowData]['fileTypeExt'] + "</td>";
        tableCode += "<td class=\"lastUpdate tableCell\" key=\"lastUpdate\" " + backgroundColor + ">" + dataObj[thisRowData]['fileModed'] + "</td>";

        if(thisView == "admin") { 
            tableCode += "<td class=\"edit tableCell\"" + backgroundColor + " key=\"edit\"><p class=\"adminBtns\"><a href=\"javascript:void(0);\" class=\"editRecord\" recordID=\"" + dataObj[thisRowData]['fileId'] + "\">Edit</a></p></td>";
            tableCode += "<td class=\"delete tableCell\"" + backgroundColor + " key=\"delete\"><p class=\"adminBtns\"><a href=\"javascript:void(0);\" class=\"deleteRecord\" recordID=\"" + dataObj[thisRowData]['fileId'] + "\">Delete</a></p></td>";

        tableCode += "</tr>";


    tableCode += "</tbody></table>";


    //check if dataContainer is being displayed, if not display it


Works fine in current version of Firefox and Safari and the new records or edited versions show when I reload the page. This was also a problem with jquery 1.4.2, I just updated today to see if the latest build fixed the issue. Any ideas if this is a problem on my end or IE's or jquery's? Thanks.

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Does your generated table have <tbody> elements? – Pekka 웃 May 31 '11 at 17:44
Doh! Thanks Pekka, that was it. Got lost in the code there. I'm writing to the <tbody> to the added </tbody></table> was crashing my script in IE. Good eye! – PruitIgoe May 31 '11 at 17:55
Ah, okay! Although it was a half guess :) I'll add it as an answer. – Pekka 웃 May 31 '11 at 17:58
You deserve the points for me not paying attention. : D – PruitIgoe May 31 '11 at 18:13
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You need to have <tbody> elements in dynamically generated tables. You seem to be missing an opening tag for that.

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