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I'm creating an app where I drag button widgets into a panel. I would like to have a visible grid in the panel where i drop the widgets so the widgets will be aligned to the grid.

I guess it isn't hard making a grid where the squares are 15x15 pixels using a GridBagSizer(since the widgets will span between multiple cells), but how can the number of squares be made dynamically according to the size of the panel?

Do I have to calculate how many squares i need to fill the panel on init and on each resize?

Using python and wxpython btw.

Oerjan Pettersen

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Don't use a sizer at all for this. Just position the buttons yourself, with whatever co-ordinate rounding you like. (using wxWindow::SetSize()).

(The point of a sizer is that the buttons will get moved and/or resized when the window is resized. As you don't want that behaviour, then you shouldn't use a sizer.)

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Yes, you are right. Sounds like a better idea. –  Orjanp Mar 6 '09 at 19:39

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