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Backbone.js comes with model validation events, and I'm looking to integrate it with a lite validation framework.

I just started looking at http://happyjs.com/

any other recommendations?

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3 Answers

jQuery Validate is my favorite its well documented and used by many

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Try the Backbone.Validations plugin

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is the link broken? –  ala Apr 9 '13 at 20:49
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There are some validations plugins for backbone but I don't like it, I ended up with this:

validate: (attrs) ->
  helper = @validationHelper attrs
  helper.check 'name', (v) -> "can't be blank" if _(v).isBlank()
  helper.check 'version', (v) -> "can't be blank" if _(v).isBlank()
  helper.check 'organization', (v) -> "can't be blank" if _(v).isBlank()

And here's the helper:

    validationHelper: (attrs) ->
      helper = 
        _errors: {}
        check: (name, validator) ->
          return unless attrs and (name of attrs)
          msg = validator attrs[name]
          (@_errors[name] ?= []).push msg if msg
        errors: -> if _(@_errors).any() then @_errors else null
      return helper
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