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I have a table generated from database ( basically in MVC view). I want to make it editable. I want to use jquery to hide the row when edit button infront of row is clicked and show the row in edit format which is by default hidden. how can I do this using jquery?

Please suggest solution


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JQuery Show


JQuery Hide


You also may want to make use of div tables for this project instead of actual tables. You selectors such as $("#idofcolumn").toggle(); to hide and show the div or in your case you would probably want to show a text field. You could even .html() to replace the text in a column with a text box. There are several ways to go about this. Check out the JQuery documentation.


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I was able to accomplish this by tagging the table row with a fake class name, then in the button click events I used jquery's Hide/Show. Like this:

In your edit button click event call this:


And tag your table row with a fake class like this:

<tr class="trMyRowIWantToHide">
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How exactly is the HTML set up for your rows? Normally you could do $('SELECTOR').toggle() on each of them.

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Do I need to make two views of each row. one is display mode and one is edit mode ? –  DotnetSparrow May 31 '11 at 18:58

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