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I am currently trying to put a RewriteRule into my .htaccess file for my Magento website that will allow me to write a category URL in the following way:

http://mydomain.com/dir/<direction>/order/<order>/<Magento category URL path>.html

What I am basically looking to do is use my robots.txt file to make some of the category URLs not appear (specifically when you apply a different sort order to the category).

So let's assume I have the following URL:


I would like that to be rendered just as if it the URL was:


The code I have put in my .htaccess file is as follows:

RewriteRule ^dir/(.*?)/order/(.*?)/(.*?)$ $3.html?dir=$1&order=$2

For some reason, when I have this in there, I get a 404 error. Can someone point me in the right direction to make this work for me?

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I tried with this on my server

RewriteRule ^(.*)/dir/(.*?)/order/(.*?)/(.*?)$ $4.html?dir=$2&order=$3 [R,L]

and when i issue request


i get proper redirection to


May be you are missing [L] flag on your request.

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