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Here are some routes I have in Rails 2 and want to upgrade to Rails 3:

  map.callback "/auth/:provider/callback", :controller => "authorizations", :action => "create" #omniauth
  map.failure "/auth/failure", :controller => "authorizations", :action => "failure" #omniauth

  map.signup 'signup', :controller => 'users', :action => 'new'
  map.signin 'signin', :controller => 'user_sessions', :action => 'new'
  map.signout 'signout', :controller => 'user_sessions', :action => 'destroy'
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match "/auth/:provider/callback" => "authorizations#create", :as => :callback
match "/auth/failure" => "authorizations#failure", :as => :failure

match "signup"  => "users#new", :as => :signup
match "signin"  => "user_sessions#new", :as => :signin
match "signout" => "user_sessions#destroy", :as => :signout

That should get you going.

I would definitely checkout the screencast that apneadiving mentioned as well as Rails' take on routes.

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Take a look at the rails_upgrade plugin at https://github.com/rails/rails_upgrade and its rake rails:upgrade:routes.

script/plugin install git://github.com/rails/rails_upgrade.git
rake rails:upgrade:routes

This will take your current routes file and rewrites it using the Rails 3 syntax. Copy the console output and look for any potential optimizations after you've read through the documentation in some of the other answers.

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This should answer and make you learn:


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You may also find lots of great information at the Rails Routing from the Outside In.

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