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I use more than one machine for development in VS 2008. Is there a tool to automatically synchronize the snippets between the machines? Same concept of synchronizing browsers' bookmark.

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If you have Vista and the LiveMesh client installed try this suggestion

Hope this helps.

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The machines are in different locations, home and work so software like SyncToy won't work. I don't know about SyncBack. It's not clear from their web site if it can be done over the web. I can't find the client software on MS's site for Live Mesh.

I will check ideas here:

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Try one of these:



3) Microsoft Office Groove

I personally use SVN.

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I tried foldershare and did all the setup and it's not syncing. Also when I chose On Demand type of synchronization instead of Automatic, I expected to see an option to trigger the synchronization manually and I couldn't find it. I didn't like the software.

Looked around and found syncplicity and it works fine.

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Assuming you already know what files you need/want sync'd then some additional options to Mesh would be to tool-out. Maybe look at SyncToy or SyncBack to keeps these collection of files centralized - then have all your machines pull from the central data store.

There is also Live Sync (formery FolderShare) which works over the internet.

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