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I have been developing a software package to plot astronomical data in the form of a movie. It looks like this.

To do this, I export 100 tables of data from Java to gnuplot and use a bash script to turn them into a GIF. I want instead to do it in HTML and maybe Raphael.

I'm thinking that I can use a Python script to iterate through folders and build a hundred plots, and then cycle through them. Any ideas on this? How can I get them to cycle?

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what do the tables look like? – Dutchie432 May 31 '11 at 20:27
They're just lists of x,y coordinates for each of the data points you see. – rhombidodecahedron May 31 '11 at 20:34
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You will have to test performance issues, but FLOT might be just the thing for you...

here is an example of flot animating: http://people.iola.dk/olau/flot/examples/realtime.html

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I think a canvas is what you need. Just draw all the points, clear the canvas, and redraw

your code would look something like this pseduo code

for each frame 
    for each point 
        canvas.draw point at x, y
    clear canvas
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Even I was looking for something similar, I found this one link will be trying it out http://humblesoftware.com/flotr2/

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