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I have scores being submitted by three users and would like to display the average score to the nearest tenth's place. Currently, I am using the query:

SELECT AVG(score) as AverageScore
FROM PoemScores
WHERE poemID = #qGetPoems.poemid#

I am able to output AverageScore, but only as a whole number using #getScore.AverageScore#. How can I output the average score in the format n.n? The database is MSSQL Server 2008.

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Depending on your database engine, you probably just need to cast the score as a decimal or a float before averaging it.

possible mysql approach:

select CAST(
                CAST(score as decimal(8,1))
           as decimal(8,1)
           ) as AverageScore

possible mssql approach:

 select convert(float(8,1), AVG( convert(float(8,1), score) ) ) as AverageScore
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Your MySQL version would work in SQL Server too. –  Andriy M May 31 '11 at 21:56

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