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I am submitting a with some fields as given below and on submit, in action i am not getting any parameter in getter and setter (Only first time) and then i am returning "success" to same page again for another request.

<s:form action="PointOfInterestMoveNext.action"  method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data">
   <s:textfield  name="interestTitle"  label="interestTitle" maxlength="60"  value="Point of Interest Title" onfocus="clearText(this)" onblur="clearText(this)" />
   <s:textarea  name="summaryPOI" label="summaryPOI" rows="3" cols="20" value="summary" onfocus="clearText(this)" onblur="clearText(this)" />
   <s:checkbox name="hazard" label="This is a hazard"  value="false" />
   <s:file name="poiImage" value="Browse ..." />        
   <s:textfield name="tagPhoto"  label="tagPhoto" value="tagPhoto" />
   <s:textfield name="poiImageFileName"  label="poiImageFileName" value="testImage" />
   <s:submit value="save & Next POI"  />

Now when I submit this form first time, no value goes from form to action in getter setter.

But next time when I again submit this page, I get all values in action.

Please give me solution for first time submission of this form.

Here is the action's execute method...........

public String execute() {
    System.out.println("==In action==interestTitle======"+interestTitle);
    System.out.println("==In action==summaryPOI======"+summaryPOI);
    System.out.println("==In action==poiImageFileName========"+poiImageFileName);
    System.out.println("==In action==hazard========="+hazard);
    System.out.println("============================POI Inserted========");
    return "success";


struts.xml....only that action mapping

        <result name="success">/Test2.jsp</result>
        <result name="input">Test2.jsp</result>
        <result name="error">error.jsp</result>

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Please add the entire action class, any validation that might exist, and if possible the whole struts.xml. First things that entered my mind is "Are you using the default stack?" which I'd quickly see from the struts.xml (or annotations) and I'd look for any ways that the action could maintain some state between requests (any session involvement?). – Quaternion May 31 '11 at 22:41

before answering your question need some information 1.which struts2 version you are using 2.Action class complete code as you are only showing the execute method 3. struts config file

without this information it will be a guess work.

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