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I have two errors.

Here is the first error I am getting:

emulator: ERROR: unknown virtual device name: 'Android22'

What I am trying to do is simply open the android emulator virtual device from eclipse. I go to the avd manager where I created it and named it "Android22". It appears to have saved a folder at this location: C:\Users\Rainwater-Admin.and­roid\avd\Android22.avd

In that folder there are 3 files: a config and two imgs. Is that what should be there or is something missing? It seems to have the right path when I highlight it and click details. I tried remaking it and naming it something different but I get the same results.

Does anyone know why I cannot get the emulator to work or how to get past this error? I have searched the net for an answer and I have seen that others have gotten this error if its pointing to the wrong location, however mine seems to be pointing to the right place. Unless this emulator is looking for a different file maybe? Anyone know?

Also on a side/related note....I would be fine not even using the emulator and just running my tests straight from eclipse to my device if I knew how. I have a motorola droid as well as a new LG Revolution and I would be fine with plugging them in for testing but im not sure how to "run as" directly onto the phone instead of onto the emulator. Anyone have a tuturoal on that?

Ok I dont think my second error is related but I'm not sure. This one might be one you have seen before as it seems like kind of a newbie question...

When I do my set Content View statement it does not seem to recognise my xml files. It gives me Cannot be resolved or is not a field error. Any clue on that one?

I have included images with to show my screen which may help you see what I am seeing.

unknown virtual device image...

unknown virtual device image

set Content View` error image...

set Content View` error image

  • Jeff
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