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After asking this question: How do I read album artwork using python?

I got 'stuck' as it were.

I have spent forever looking for documentation online but haven't come across any. I know that a lot of responses suggest reading the internal docstrings etc. but to be honest this is the first time I've come across a library without adequate documentation and its (to be honest) a little daunting.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to approach the code?


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A couple of things you might try. Pydoc makes it easy to navigate the contents of docstrings for a given project. Assuming you have installed mutagen globally or in a virtualenv, this should start a webserver where you can browse locally:

% pydoc -p 8080
# then navigate to http://localhost:8080/mutagen.html to see the docs

Assuming you've already used the information in the tutorial on the mutagen wiki, I'd suggest browsing the source code for some projects which use mutagen. For example used by the Gnome Listen player, quodlibet tagger/player, etc.

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