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I have a directory structure in git/github which looks like:

   - mockups
   - some_files
   - app (rails app)

the github url for the app looks like git@github/user/demoapp.git

Currently when I use capistrano to deploy, it looks for rake file in the directory demoapp and fails to find it.

How do I specify in capistrano deploy.rb the directory of my app (which is one level down).


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After looking through Deploying a Git subdirectory in Capistrano

I ended up creating a separate repositories for my rails app and for other stuff. The rails repository has all the artifacts like rake required by the capistrano script.

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Don't work with capistrano 3 –  RAJ ... Aug 21 at 14:03

if you can't split the repo, the only way is add extra cap callback

after "deploy:update_code", "deploy:copy_to_level_up"

namespace :deploy do
  desc "Copy code application to level up"
  task :copy_to_level_up do
    run "mv -R #{release_path}/ ....." #rewrite it with your conditions
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